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"These interior design styles make a statement!"

Studying various interior design styles can be helpful in developing your own style perspective. The approaches to interior design are diverse, but there are some widely accepted methods to interior planning and decor that are consistent enough to be classified as specific design styles.

I have highlighted some of these approaches below. When linking to each individual page you will see more detailed information as well as photos and style tips.

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contemporary interior design style Contemporary

This refreshing, interior design style features very clean lines. Sleekly edited and very functional, it's oh so chic!

Click here to learn more.

Traditional Interior Design Style Traditional

Elegant and inviting. This style emphasizes finely crafted details and beautifully patterned fabrics. With a nod to the past,it remains a top decorating style.

Click here to learn more.

Asian Interior Design Style Asian

Whether it's Japanese interior style that is calm and minimalist or Chinese style featuring more glitz, Asian style has a unique appeal.

Click here to learn more.

Classical Interior Design Style Classical

A very ordered style that that has a stately quietness. Inspired by the art and architecture of the Greek and Roman empires. Visual balance is the key to success.

Click here to learn more.

Arts and Crafts Interior Design Style Arts & Crafts

A period style that has left a legacy through the ongoing popularity of Mission Style. It features crafted elements of simple construction to create a warm yet streamlined look.

Click here to learn more.

Country Interior Design Style Country

Relaxed and comfortable. There is an enchanting simplicity to this style. It can range from cottage country to the more elegant French country approach.

Click here to learn more.

Art Deco Interior Design Style Art Deco

Looking for a unique interior design style that is classically retro? Art Deco style combines elements of ancient culture with a Machine Age vibe from the 1920s and 30s.

Click here to learn more.

Gothic Interior Design Style Gothic

It's almost magical! Gothic style lets you add a dash of mystical charm while you create a space with a distinct look that sets you apart. So let your imagination soar.

Click here to learn more.

Tropical Interior Design Style Tropical

Love the look of exotic, seaside places? Redesign your own interior with a tropical design style. It emphasizes natural textures and an easy, relaxed atmosphere.

Click here to learn more.

Rustic Interior Design Style Rustic

Inspired by the wild, this style is unrefined and time tested. The look is warm and relaxed. When you need to unwind, rustic style will wrap you in a cozy embrace.

Click here to learn more.

Tuscan Interior Design Style Tuscan

This popular style brings to mind the good life in a golden age. You don't have to live near the Mediterranean to love this old world look! Tuscan style is earthy yet refined.

Click here to learn more.

Swedish Interior Design Style Swedish (Gustavian)

Beautiful, light and airy! It is neoclassical style with a unique, Scandinavian twist.

Click here to learn more.

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