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"You can create an interior design plan that's perfect for you!"

Interior design by you and for you. Yes, you have the potential to transform your own living space into a beautiful and functional retreat!

Interior Design Photo

Think it’s not possible? Think again! I will show you how.

Okay...okay...maybe you won’t be qualified to launch a design firm after browsing my site, but you will have an understanding of some great interior concepts that you can use to re-imagine and redesign your own personal environment.

It’s all about fundamentals and a lot of visual inspiration. That is why I have included a lot of images of interior spaces throughout this site.

Already have an idea of how you want your space to look but aren't quite sure how to pull it off? Get your own custom interior design plan through our exclusive offer!

Welcome! My name is Scott. I love studying the connections between interior elements and how directing that relationship can result in a more interesting, more functional living space.

For the record, I am not a certified designer. My focus largely has been on learning through observation and study. I enjoy following the latest trends and happenings in the world of interiors and then finding ways to make my living space more sophisticated and comfortable as a result. You might say that over time I have become my own interior designer!

What I share in this site is an accumulation of interior concepts and ideas that have inspired me. My goal is to help inspire your creative spark so you, too, can make your living space the best it can be.

You will be amazed at how awesome it feels when you, in effect, become the master designer of your own interior space!

Let's get started...

Interior Design Blog
The Interior Design Blog keeps you up to date with additions and changes to the interior-design-tutor.net website as well as insight on happenings in the interior design world. Subscribe here.

Get A Custom Interior Design Plan
Turn your room makeover dreams into a step-by-step action plan. Request your own custom interior design through our special offer!

Interior Design Trends
Sophisticated style is what it is all about! Take advantage of these interior design trends with amazing impact.

Inspirational Interior Design Styles
Learn about some of today's appealing interior design styles. View photos and get tips on creating the look.

Feng Shui Interior Design Secrets
Create a greater sense of harmony in your living space with these essential Feng Shui interior design techniques.

Interior Design Color That Works for You
Planning an interior design color palette doesn't have to be difficult. Understanding these fundamental attributes of color will make your creativity soar!

Interior Design Lighting Tips Everyone Should Know
Want a brilliant strategy for a great interior design lighting scheme? Understanding the three types of lighting is critical to success.

Interior Space Planning Tips
Smart interior space planning helps create maximum impact in any room - even the most challenging one. Need some tips? These elements will help you achieve great results...

Interior Design Pattern Tips
Working with interior design pattern and texture need not be frustrating. Understand these main pattern categories, and then get ready to combine them successfully. No sweat!

The Best Interior Window Treatment
How do you select the best interior window treatment for your space? These tips will help.

Decorative Wall Art Tips
Choose and arrange decorative wall art with a designer's touch. Avoid a decor disaster with these basic guidelines...

Basement Interior Design Tips
Take advantage of the living space available beneath your feet. Here are some basement interior design tips to create a great space and add value to your home...

Living Room Interior Design
Create a living room interior design scheme you will love! Here is how to do it.

Dining Room Interior Design Tips
Entertain your guests in style! Here's how to create a dining room interior design plan that works.

Bedroom Interior Design Tips
A great bedroom interior design plan accommodates all the key ways the space is used. Check out these tips to create an awesome bedroom with functionality and style.

Kitchen Interior Design Tips
The kitchen is the hub of the home. Check out these great kitchen interior design tips and ideas for the kitchen of your dreams...

Bathroom Interior Design Tips and Ideas
Planning a new bathroom? Get it started right. Don't miss these great bathroom interior design tips and ideas.

Create A Home Office Solution
Minimize visual clutter in your interior environment with a functional and harmonious home office solution.

Loft Interior Design
You love the openness of your new loft. Need a strategy to make it feel like home? Learn the secrets of loft interior design.

High Style: Attic Interior Design
Dust off your design portfolio. Your next project may be waiting overhead. Here's what you need to know about creating a bonus room or attic interior design plan.

Linking Architecture and Interior Design
Does there need to be a connection between your home's architecture and interior design scheme? Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Top Interior Flooring Options
Interior flooring possibilities are many. Make the right decision for one of the biggest surfaces in your home.

Green Interior Design Tips
Did you know the design and decorating choices you make impact your well being? Respect your health and the planet through a green interior design approach at home.

Interior Decorating Tips for a Low-Budget, High-Style Makeover.
Need a serious room makeover but can't afford to spend a lot of money? Check out these great interior decorating tips that will help you update your style for less...

Small Space Tips: Interior Solutions
There are many design tools you can use to give the illusion of greater space in your small house, apartment or loft. Don't overlook these valuable, small space tips...

Large Space Tips: Decorating Solutions
Feeling overwhelmed with a big room? Check out these large space tips on how to make your room feel more intimate and functional.

Great Holiday Decor Ideas for a Festive Interior
Make your home warm and inviting this season. Here are ten holiday decor ideas that are sure to add some comfort and joy.

Start Your Interior Design Career
Ready for an interior design career? Find out how you can get started on the path to success.

Interior Design Schools That Rock!
There are many interior design schools across America. These are ones that I think are among the best!

Online Interior Design School - Right for You?
Want to get an interior design degree without completely disrupting your current life situation? Learn how an online interior design school could be perfect for you.

Top Interior Design Games
These interior design games offer a fun way to test your design skills and build a sense of decorating style.

Top Decorating eBook Resources
My review of top decorating eBook publications that are sure make you the interior design star of your own home.

Interior Design Photo Showcase!
Do you have the top interior design photo? Get noticed!

About Me
The story of why I love what I do.

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The contact page for interior-design-tutor.net. We'd love to hear from you.

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Looking for specific interior design information? My site search page will help you find it.

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