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"Tuscan interior design recalls the good life of a golden age."

Tuscan interior design evokes the sun-kissed fields and vineyards of Italy. It’s a warm, old world look that makes you feel instantly at home.

Old World House

Maybe that’s why it’s a favorite of so many people who choose it as their dominant interior style. The good news is you can enjoy Tuscan style even if you don’t live near the Mediterranean.

Tuscan interior design style ranges from quite rustic to splendidly refined. You get to choose how to represent it.

Natural Elements

The inclusion of natural elements plays a key role in this old world interior style. A stone fireplace or accent feature can provide a perfect focal point.

Hardwood or stone tile covered floors complement the Tuscan look. Using wood beams overhead further establishes the atmosphere.

Warm Colors

What is the color palette of Tuscany? Think luscious vineyards, golden grain fields, rich olive groves and ancient stone walls. Golden crèmes, browns, olive green tones and wine hues are always good choices to evoke the sunny pastoral surroundings.

Almost as important as the paint color is the finish you choose. Aim for a look that reminds you of stucco or Venetian plaster. This can be accomplished through a variety of faux paint finishes. It will give much better visual depth to the color and make your whole Tuscan scheme feel more authentic and gracefully aged.

Tuscan Interior Design Bedroom

Metal Detailing

Wrought iron and other scrolled metals are key ingredients in a successful Tuscan interior design. Look for tables and chairs of decorative metal construction or perhaps a romantic bed frame of elaborate wrought iron. You can impart this style element by your choice of wall décor and lighting fixtures as well.

Old World Accessories

Consider rounding out your Tuscan interior design style with decorative items that reference an old world past. Displaying a decorative Roman column or bust, for example, can be a great choice.

Tuscan Interior Design Dining

An arched mirror or a collection of arched wall art is an excellent choice as well. The arch shape is a common feature in Tuscan architecture. Using arches within your décor is a great way to reinforce the Tuscan theme.

Classical period urns and vases are a must-have when it comes to Tuscan décor. Whether elaborate or rustic, you’ll love how these old world pieces really set the mood.

Other Tips:

• Consider displaying a woven tapestry for added Tuscan style effect in your space.

• Bring the sunny fields of Tuscany inside through the use of fresh flower and fruit displays. An alternative to fresh flowers might be a collection of dried flowers in muted colors for an old world look.

• For a new twist on the style, try incorporating a group of black and white or sepia-toned photography in your wall decor. The classic appearance of the photos will connect to the rest of the space, but arranged on the wall in a quadrant or geometric pattern, the collection will have a more up-to-date and refreshing effect.

• Download The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide by Patrice D. Walker. It's the perfect resource for Tuscan interior design ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a rich Tuscan look on almost any budget. This eBook is a must-have if you are serious about creating a Tuscan interior style in your home.

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