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"A white kitchen has many benefits."

White kitchen designs are popular today. They have been for some time. It’s really no wonder since white cabinetry carries with it a timeless element that offers benefits both subtle and obvious.

To me those benefits include:

• A crisp, clean feeling

• An enhanced sense of space

• Excellent style versatility

Here's why it's important...

Crisp and Clean

There is just something about a white kitchen that merges perfectly with the concept of food preparation. That’s probably because in western societies the color white is viewed as clean and pure.

Just take a look at the kitchen featured below. Aren't you just confident you’d get a great, healthy meal in this place? The white and stainless steel are defiantly promoting the cleanliness factor. At the same time it doesn’t seem overly clinical. This is due to the skillful use of lush plants and colorful fruit that add some lively zing.Kitchen with Stainless Steel Warm, leather bar chairs also balance the crisp look while a diamond tile back splash provides an interesting focal point that helps unify the room’s overall color scheme.

If you’re considering a white kitchen, don’t underestimate the subtle psychological impact it can have on the perception of cleanliness. It’s always important to maintain a clean kitchen no matter what color scheme you choose, but if you want the added reinforcement, white may be the way to go.

Light and Airy

A white kitchen is also beneficial in creating a feeling a greater space - especially when layered upon a low contrast wall color. This can be especially important in small kitchens.

My parents were faced with this scenario after moving to a different home. The house was built in the 1970s and still had the original kitchen cabinets from that period. The kitchen itself is a narrow, galley style kitchen. This kind of setup can be quite functional with everything being close at hand, but on the flip side it can be a bit confining because…as I said before…everything is close at hand. As you can see from the "before" picture below, the cabinets were made of very dark wood and the hardware was outdated.

Kitchen Before and After

As their house renovations progressed, I recommended doing the walls in a light, neutral color and then painting the existing cabinetry off-white, essentially the same as the room's trim color. The transformation was dramatic! Instead of spending a fortune on brand new cabinetry, the changes with paint and new hardware made the kitchen feel like a completely different environment. It feels more spacious and airy for sure. And let me tell you…the key to hiding that dark stain was to apply Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Latex Primer Sealer before painting. That stuff is great! Oh yeah, in case you were wondering...that is me posing in the "after" shot, enjoying the improvement.

To enhance the sense of space further with white cabinetry in a small kitchen, consider a style that includes glass fronted upper cabinet doors. This is not only stylish, it also contributes to a sense of openness.

Modern white kitchen

Style Friendly

Regardless of your decorating style, a white kitchen can complement the scheme nicely. While white tends to have some contemporary overtones, the finish of the cabinetry and the style of the hardware play a key role in shaping the ultimate outcome.

Enhance an old world look by choosing white cabinetry with a rubbed or distressed finish that conveys a sense of age. Rustic hardware and earthy wall tile can further set the tone.

Or go straight for contemporary style with glosssy white cabinetry consisting of clean, simple lines. Stainless steel accessories and streamlined hardware can reinforce the style as seen here. Occasional splashes of color, as demonstrated by the vivid fruit and bowls, have dramatic impact.

Maybe you like traditional style but at the same time want it to look more sophisticated and up-to-date. Check out the kitchen pictured here. The cabinetry has some traditional style elements with a raised panel effect on the base cabinets and four-pane glass doors above. The cabinetry hardware, flooring and table frame all add touches of black which create a classic feel in keeping with the style of the house. Yet, the scheme manages a slightly contemporary and up-to-date attitude. White is helping to play that role here.

With the versatility and benefits a white kitchen has to offer, it’s understandable that its popularity has stood the test of time. Could a white kitchen be the choice for you, too?

If you would like to plan the details of your own kitchen design from start to finish, I recommend an e-book called Designing Successful Kitchens. Click here for my personal review of this valuable resource and access to an instant download.

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