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"Get the most out of your small kitchen design."

So, you are planning out a small kitchen design? A question probably in your mind right now is how can I make this lack of culinary real estate work for me? Small Kitchen DesignThis question might even be higher up the totem pole of concerns than how much the project will cost.

Some of the most common types of small kitchens are:

• In-Line - where only one wall is available for use.

• Galley - where both sides of a corridor are used.

• L-Shaped - where parts of two wall that form a corner are used.

The placement of features and good organization are keys to success in a small kitchen. Here are some things to consider before you get underway.

Plan Good Work Flow

Designing your small kitchen around a good work flow arrangement is important. I know this can be a difficult endeavor when you are dealing with an unusual space, but ideally you would want to have your sink, refrigerator and stove within a few steps of each other to facilitate the food preparation process.

The challenge with a small kitchen design is often not that these three appliances aren’t close together; it’s a lack of useable work surfaces that creates grief. Great organization can relieve, if not completely solve, this problem.

Small Kitchen

Organize Ruthlessly

Every inch of space counts and must be considered carefully for best use when planning a small kitchen. As you think about how to pack the most punch into your small space here are some ideas:

• Maximize the use of vertical surfaces. Wall cabinets, shelves and utensil rails are great ways to keep things tidy and off the countertops.

• Consider dual purpose appliances. A combination range hood/microwave oven mounted above the stove, for example, removes a sizable appliance from the countertop and frees up valuable work space.

• Use non-conventional space savers. Organization products that fit inside your kitchen cabinetry can maximize the efficient use of cabinet space. A wall or ceiling mounted pot hanger opens up even more space. Look for these things at you local home improvement center.

While a small kitchen design does require some careful thought when planning, one of the benefits you may find is you can afford to spend more of your budget on higher-end features and finishes than you would otherwise be able to do in a much larger kitchen. Now that’s something to smile about!

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