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"A black and pink bedroom scheme is anything but ordinary."

A black and pink bedroom scheme can be very appealing. Depending on the strength and proportion of the two colors, the look can be impressively bold or invitingly subtle.

Transitional Black and Pink Bedroom

This color combination works well with most interior design styles. A softer form of pink with a restrained use of black will support a more traditional look, while a bolder form of pink and heavier use of black can convey a more contemporary feel.

What kind of style do you want for your bedroom? Not sure? Check out the following bedroom pictures for inspiration…

The room pictured above is a mix of traditional and contemporary elements. Combining styles like this can create a really appealing look that isn’t overly cookie cutter in nature. I think it’s a great way to go.

This particular shade of pink has a bias towards red. A pink and black flower theme is repeated throughout the fabrics on the bed as well as the drapery. This ties together the overall look of the room.

The mixture of patterns works well here because the scale has been varied - ranging from open solids to dense patterns.

The side tables exhibit a traditional style, but the geometric shape of bed and table lamp look decidedly contemporary. This combination of old and new has the wonderful effect of making the whole scheme look sophisticated and fresh.

Traditional Black and Pink Bedroom

This bedroom (above) is done in a more traditional style. This is evidenced by the detailed, curved leg furniture, the patterned wallpaper and plush draperies.

The pink here is softer and black is introduced only in light touches through the bedside table lamps. All together, though, this room looks warm and inviting.

Modern Black and Pink Bedroom

For a very modern take on the black and pink bedroom scheme, check out this room (right)...

Here the shapes are very geometric and the colors are bold. Black is the dominant hue in this scheme with pink making a strong secondary statement. The intensity of the pink is balanced by the solid color zones of the background.

For a sophisticated look that you won’t see just anywhere, consider a black and pink bedroom scheme. It works with virtually any interior style.

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